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Three French Bullgod Puppies





Arranging Your Pet's Journey

As an authorized agent for over 70 airlines, Dynamic Air Cargo books your desired routes directly with the airline. We ensure the best service with global partners as a part of the IPATA network. 

Pet Relocation Consultant

With over 20 years of experience as a part of Dynamic Air Cargo, our specialist consultants will assist you in the handling and planning of your pet relocation around the world, tailored to all your needs.


Pet Container Guidance

We will guide you through specific container dimensions to meet the requirements of IATA's Live Animal Regulations. We offer various sizes of containers to match your pet, and can also customise a design specifically for you! Be it cows, birds or lizards, we've done them all!

Pet Boarding Before Flight

To help ensure your pet's safety before their flight, or assist you with their health check process and requirements, we can also arrange an overnight boarding service for your pet located near the airport to make sure they are ready and best prepared for the flight.

Get a


Please fill in your inquiry details to request for an estimate quote and our AVI specialist advisor will contact you soon!  

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